A tea-fuelled solo overnight hammock camp in the woods

A tea-fuelled solo overnight hammock camp in the woods

At the weekend I took a much needed break and set off with my hammock into the woods.

It was an easy hike in, through the woods and down towards the river.

I chose a flat spot that looked like very few people had been there before. Set up my hammock under a tarp, fixed my bag on a convenient tree and got settled in for the night.

Once you’re set up, there’s not much to do out in the woods. There was plenty of dry wood nearby and I had plenty of water on me. So I sat back in the hammock and let my thoughts wander.

When evening arrived, I had a quiet beer and cooked a steak on the fire.

As I sat staring into the flames, reflecting on the grand wins and losses of my past, it suddenly occured to me… my phone camera has a 10 second delay and I can take some selfies.

I had a good sleep. It rained heavily all night but I stayed dry under the tarp. At about 6 in the morning put the kettle on for tea.

Zhengshan xiao zhong from Fujian in China.

The perfect tea for a warm but damp morning. The trees were looking really green after the night’s rain.

Time to go home. Leave no trace.

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